Smart Crib launches sCrib pocket Enigma machine with password management system

Smart Crib Ltd, based in Cambridge, has launched a unique password management solution, sCrib™, to give users a range of ultra-secure passwords at the touch of a button.

It is aiming at small and medium-sized companies with its sCrib technology which comprises two essential components – Password sCrib and sCrib Management – providing a system that will never leave you without access to your laptops, computers or data.

Founded by designer Dr Dan Cvrcek, a former post-doctoral researcher at the Cambridge Computer Laboratory, the company has its main office in Cambridge – where its products are designed – and is a member of ideaSpace, the hub for early-stage innovation.

Password sCrib is a pocket-sized Enigma cryptographic USB device costing £30 that produces unbreakable passwords at the touch of a button. It plugs into the USB port of any computer and is your digital key that can be backed up and its passwords can be conveniently recovered. Password sCrib enters passwords for disk encryption, laptop logins, websites and applications and enables two forms of 2-factor authentication to enhance security.

sCrib Management is a secure, cost-effective software solution for efficient password recovery and management of Password sCrib devices. Its Enterprise version integrates with Windows AD servers and automatically synchronises passwords with Windows accounts. The system is designed for seamless migration from passwords to sCrib.

It is also suitable for situations where IT support is outsourced to an external company as it allows client companies to audit their password security as well as changes and access to their passwords. The system is designed to fit the needs of small and medium enterprises that are most vulnerable to internet crime and online attacks.

Dan, a university professor and banking security and cryptography specialist, says: “We spent a lot of time improving the original prototype to fit customer needs and focusing our business proposition. We extended the original concept from an easy-to-use product for consumers into a fully-fledged product to simplify password management in medium-sized companies.

“Trust is the most significant aspect of security and people are very sensitive about security of their passwords. A physical dongle you can attach to your key ring is already a much more trustworthy option compared to a piece of software.

“We eventually found excellent product designers, Dickinson Associates with Rick Dickinson. Rick is the designer of the iconic Sinclair ZX81 computer as well as Sinclair Pocket TV. He delivered an excellent product design that is functional as well as elegant.

“We focus on small and medium companies as we believe SMEs represent the most vulnerable type of computer users. They are dependent on computers for their survival but they are often excluded from corporate security products because of the assumed IT management model and cost.”

Dan, who spent more than a decade in academia researching technology and IT security issues, says the device could also prevent key-logging attacks.

He says: “One of the major threats to security is key-logging. A hacker can access a PC, via an email or a compromised web site, and plant a small programme which can record every key press by a user. This makes it easy for them to gain passwords to access secure systems. sCrib prevents this as key-logging software is unable to get an accurate read as to what is being input.”

Smart Crib Ltd now offers sCrib Management as a managed solution hosted on Amazon servers as well as for installation on internal servers of customers. If you are interested in more information, contact the sales office at and on (01628) 600234.

1. Smart Crib Ltd

Smart Crib Ltd was founded to commercialise sCrib technology in 2011 and is an alumnus of ideaSpace. The company is based in the UK with the main office in Cambridge and the sales office in Bournham, Buckinghamshire. Its products are designed in Cambridge. Manufacturing and development is in the UK and the Czech Republic.

Its first product, Password sCrib, targets small and medium-sized companies but can be used at home as well. It also introduces sCrib Management, a management system that gives companies a robust and easy-to-use system to support the whole password life-cycle, including generation, update, recovery, temporary disabling, cancellation and replacement.

The company’s further research and development activities focus on new authentication solutions to eventually replace passwords.


2. ideaSpace

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