Sharpen your presentation skills with 'Killer Presenting'


Learn to enjoy every one of your presentations. You'll write, speak and learn how to communicate creatively, for presentations that are compelling and highly effective.

Jon Torrens writes:

This is a half-day intensive training programme for up to six people, with writing and speaking experience, and lessons I've learnt the hard way from from the world of stand-up comedy, the toughest arena for public speaking. 

By the end of the session you'll have learnt how to:

  • write and edit for a solid, memorable structure
  • deliver with enthusiasm to engage your audience
  • improvise to create a unique experience every time
  • deal with nerves and adapt to unexpected events

Arrive with a little enthusiasm and you'll leave with a lot of confidence.

You can book your place here.



By reducing stress and fear, I make giving talks enjoyable.

Using my experience as an introvert, stand-up comic and video games designer, I deliver short, fun but effective training to create successful, confident speakers. I work with both companies and individuals.

I currently deliver training online and in person.

Jon Torrens