Single-emitter laser diode with an optical output power up to 18 Watt

High efficiency 18Watt laser diode at 980nm Highpower laser diodes offers a cost-efficient single-emitter laser diode with an optical output power up to 18 Watt.

Gentle techniques at surgical and diagnostic treatments are nowadays unthinkable without the use of laser technology. 

The introduction of the new 18 Watt BAL-980 laser diode complements the already worldwide successfully established high quality lasers made by Eagleyard, and supplied by AMS Technologies. Its high efficiency makes this laser diode not only suitable for medical purposes but also for high-end applications in industry and aeronautics.

Product features such as
• high output power up to 18W
• integrated lenses
• high efficiency (0.9W/A)
• compact design (25 x 25 x 12 mm³)
• small weight (30g)- allow easy fiber coupling and robust handling.

„We are continuously anxious to launch reliable high quality products – especially for medical technology and other high-end applications.“ says Michael Kneier, VP Sales and Marketing at eagleyard Photonics.

"This laser diode is optimized for 200 µm fiber coupling. Its robust design in conjunction with just one single-emitter and collimated beam was especially developed to make it perfectly suited for the use in high integrated systems.“


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