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The latest episode of the eLife podcast - produced for eLife by The Naked Scientists - features the mating habits of flies, radiation resistance in bacteria, how insects learned to smell, and the Hawaiian bobtail squid.

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Vive la résistance
Single mutations in three genes can increase the ability of E. coli to survive ionizing radiation by a factor of 1000.
Research article by Byrne et al.
Insight by Sandler

Buzz off
Male flies rub chemicals called TAGs onto female flies during mating to make them less attractive to other males.
Research article by Chin et al. et al.

A twist in the tail
The Hawaiian bobtail squid and V. fischeri bacteria are the best of friends.
Research article by Brennan et al.
Insight by Guillemin and Rolig

Up in the air
The receptors that allow insects to smell various chemicals probably evolved around the time they developed the ability to fly.
Research article by Missbach et al.

The eLife Podcast is produced for eLife by The Naked Scientists

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