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The latest episode of the eLife podcast - produced for eLife by The Naked Scientists - includes the neuroscience of chewing, skin cancer, African sleeping sickness and an ancient protein complex called TSET.

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Open and closed
Why don't we bite our tongues when we chew?
Research article by Stanek et al.
Insight by Morquette and Kolta

Small consolation
The immune response triggered by eczema may reduce the risk of skin cancer.
Research article by Cipolat et al.

Catch me if you can
How the parasite that causes sleeping sickness keeps one step ahead of its host.
Research article by Batram et al.
Insight by Ooi and Rudenko

Finding a missing link
A protein complex called TSET sheds light on the evolution of trafficking pathways.
Research article by Hirst et al.
Insight by Schwartz

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The eLife Podcast is produced for eLife by The Naked Scientists


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