AIXTRON energy management system is successfully certified

AIXTRON SE, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of deposition systems for the semiconductor industry, has obtained certification under international standard DIN EN ISO 50001 for the introduction of its new energy management system. AIXTRON is thus one of an ever growing number of companies subjecting their energy use to systematic control.

The certification by the technical inspection agency TÜV Rheinland attests that AIXTRON has put in place a system with the processes and tools necessary to enhance its energy-related performance, i.e. its energy efficiency, energy input, and energy consumption. This required various measures to be performed in advance, such as analyzing current energy consumption, assessing locations in terms of their energy use, developing energy enhancement measures, and compiling a specific measurement concept.

By consistently applying and further enhancing these processes and tools, AIXTRON aims both to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental effects and to cut its energy costs in future. The new energy management system will support AIXTRON in compiling the targeted efficiency measures necessary to achieve these objectives and to ensure uniform implementation at its various locations.

“We expect the launch of a certified energy management system not only to cut our energy costs, but also to contribute substantially towards climate and environmental protection in the Aachen region. Not only that, the assessment of our processes by an external certification institute has enabled us for the first time to compare our energy management with other companies and on that basis to work on permanently enhancing our own energy management”, commented Jörg Brätsch, AIXTRON’s energy management officer.

“Ensuring that natural resources and energy are put to careful use is a key factor at technology companies such as AIXTRON”, stressed Martin Goetzeler, CEO of AIXTRON. “After all, proactive energy management not only makes sense in business terms, it is also a component of sustainable company management. For AIXTRON, the successful certification of our energy management system thus also represents a key milestone in the development of our Group. This step has the full backing of the Executive Board.”

Certificate Energy Management


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