Discovery drivers: eLife interviews early-stage researchers


Sheer curiosity is behind so many great stories in science. eLife explores what drives individuals involved in research.

For Ana Domingos and Jessica Metcalf, questions of how we can improve forensic science and how it is that we like different types of food keep them inspired, propelling them deeper and deeper into very promising careers in science. Ana is a Principal investigator at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia, Portugal. Jessica is a Research associate at the University of Colorado, USA.

In these interviews, eLife explores what drives Ana and Jessica’s discoveries, their every-day curiosity, and their early success:
• Food for thought: an interview with Ana Domingos
• From ancient DNA to decay: an interview with Jessica Metcalf

These are the first in a new, short series of interviews with early-stage researchers whose work has been published by eLife. eLife’s editors, who are all working scientists, are looking for stories that show the most promise – which move a field forward, open up new areas for exploration, or have real-world impacts. They have said, “When I read a great paper I feel that I have just fitted a critical piece into a jigsaw puzzle. There is a sense of completion, satisfaction and admiration. And the work seems somehow, in retrospect, simple, elegant and obvious.” 
eLife’s editors are continually looking for new ways to highlight the contributions of junior investigators, whose work is so important, and who are first to benefit from improvements to the way promising works are selected for publication, presented, and shared. eLife has several initiatives in place to showcase the work of early-stage researchers.
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