eLife's latest podcast: how photographs of faces can help diagnosis of rare disorders


In the latest episode of the eLife podcast, hear about using photographs to diagnose rare genetic disorders, an unexpected benefit of exercise, hybridizing fish species, the mysteries of the MECP2 gene, and the risks and benefits of using gene drives to alter wild populations.

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What's in a face?

Using a combination of computer vision and machine learning to analyze photographs of faces can assist in the diagnosis of rare genetic disorders.

Research article by Ferry et al.

Sight for sore eyes

Viewing a visual stimulus whilst running helps mice that have lost their sight in one eye to make a near-complete recovery.

Research article by Kaneko and Stryker

Hybrid approach

How do different species remain distinct if they can mate with each other to produce hybrid offspring?

Research article by Schumer et al.

A tale of two domains

Why does too little MeCP2 cause Rett syndrome, while too much causes MECP2 duplication syndrome?

Research article by Heckman et al.

Making the most of gene drives

Gene drives could be used to eradicate diseases and support sustainable agriculture, but they must be handled with care.

Feature article by Esvelt et al.

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