Twenty-first century supply chains: transforming the pharmaceutical industry

The Centre for International Manufacturing (CIM) is leading the research programme in REMEDIES, a £23m sector-wide initiative to understand how pharmaceutical supply chains in the UK are set to change.

The REMEDIES project that includes £11m of UK government funding and which provides an opportunity to reconfigure existing pharmaceutical supply chains in the UK by exploiting the latest technology advances in medicines and patient-centric delivery models.

Part of the UK government’s Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI), the project will be led by GlaxoSmithKline, providing major inputs on clinical supply chains, with the Centre for International Manufacturing leading on commercial supply chain and overall research coordination, AstraZeneca focusing on formulation developments and the University of Strathclyde team within the Centre for Continuous Manufacturing and Crystallisation looking at active processing. 

CIM will lead the research activity as part of this sector-wide initiative evaluating new technology innovations within the UK pharmaceutical supply chain. Other industrial partners include the major contract manufacturing organisations, equipment manufacturers and technology and system providers spanning the end-to- end pharmaceutical supply chain. 

The collaboration also involves key institutional bodies across the UK pharmaceutical ecosystem (skills agencies, user representatives, regulators and health sector specialists) to ensure more adaptive future supply chain models are supported by consistent standards and a unified approach to regulation. Activities will include two sector-wide platform projects focused on the end-to-end clinical and commercial supply chain, and several technology-specific application workstreams.


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