Conservatory roof replacement - health warning

Building Control issues new guidance document for householders.


Admiral Homespace, trading under the internet presence NewConservatoryRoof, are advising clients via the website of the new definitive guidance document issued by LABC on replacing a conservatory roof with tiled systems.

The Viewpoint document clearly warns of the pitfalls and potential consequences of not obtaining the correct structural advice and being given full 'end to end' certification for the works.

Steve Thorogood from NewConservatoryRoof concurs with the authorities: 'This is not simply a case of 'you get what you pay for,' he says. 'Conservatories can be made dangerous by fitting heavy solid roofs without checking the structural calculations or supporting the side windows and doors'. 'Most so called lightweight tiled systems weigh at least double that of a polycarbonate conservatory system'.

LABC Viewpoint states that buyers ‘may be left with something that could become a real danger when snow and wind loads are applied to a structure incapable of carrying the additional weight’

If you are considering a replacement roof for your conservatory then disregarding this advice could damage your health as well as your wealth.

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