eLife's latest podcast: The spread of the ebola virus


In the latest episode of the eLife podcast, hear about the spread of the ebola virus, the financial costs of research misconduct, aging in yeast, grooming in flies, and symbiosis between bacteria and fungal cells.


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  • The spread of ebola
    Changes in lifestyles mean than new outbreaks of Ebola virus disease are likely to be very different from previous outbreaks.
    Research article by Pigott et al.
    Insight by Funk and Piot

  • Paying the price
    A set of 149 papers that were retracted due to misconduct had been funded to the tune of $58m by the NIH.
    Feature article by Stern et al.

  • The acid test
    Why do some yeast cells grow old whereas others do not?
    Research article by Henderson et al.

  • Keep it clean
    A suppression hierarchy determines the order in which a fly cleans the different parts of its body.
    Research article by Seeds et al.

  • Two against one
    Bacteria and fungal cells join forces to cause rice seedling blight.
    Research article by Moebius et al.
    Insight by Requena and Fischer

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