Cheat death when presenting


Communication coach Jon Torrens explains how to avoid 'dying' during a presentation.


Jon writes:

A stand-up comic’s failure to entertain an audience is known as ‘dying’, which is a pretty good way of conveying the sensation. I know from personal experience.

When presenting, however, you’re in a lucky position (even if it doesn’t feel like it).

  1. The audience is not expecting to be entertained. They need to be informed and persuaded – keep it clear, simple and concise and they’ll love you for it. Any entertainment value is a bonus and not a requirement, so don’t worry about that yet.
  2. You don’t have to make any of it look improvised. Checking your notes and cues occasionally shows you have a prepared schedule. More love from the audience.
  3. Audiences are used to mediocre presenters. Stand out by being prepared, enthusiastic, smiling and giving some eye contact. Look as if (or pretend) you want to be there. What’s that? The audience love you because you’re not the usual rubbish? Congratulations.

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