Headway Cambridgeshire occupational therapist visits the NEAThome


Occupational Therapy Week 2014 may be over, but we can still focus on the benefits of occupational therapy, says Headway Cambridgeshire.


Headway Occupational Therapist (OT) Nicola Howard and OT student on placement Laura recently visited the Norwich Electronic Assistive Technology home suite at UEA.

The ‘NEAThome’ is a building that has been specially designed to resemble a domestic bungalow, equipped with assistive technology equipment and devices. The staged home environment includes a bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen and has an automated front door. This technology can be trialled at the suite if someone wants to try it out first before purchasing equipment.

OT colleagues met with Lisa from the centre, who said that they would be interested in having someone with a brain injury use the suite. This would enable them to highlight to health students, the effects of brain injury on tasks around the home. Many difficulties can be overcome with the use of equipment and technology as well as learning new approaches to everyday tasks.

If anyone is interested in this, they contact Nicola at Headway Cambridgeshire and she will arrange for further information to be given.

Contacting the Occupational Therapist

Nicola Howard, Occupational Therapist
Telephone: 01223 576550
Email: nicolah@headway-cambs.org.uk


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