New eLife 'Hangout On Air 'showcases outstanding papers and their early-career authors


Please join eLife on Monday December 8 (4pm GMT) to hear from the authors of three promising studies on the link between gut bacteria and arthritis, the structure of a receptor playing a key role in development, and a diagnostic tool capable of distinguishing between different types of enteric fever.


These studies were published in eLife and selected by eLife’s editors for “eLife-sponsored presentations” at a scientific meeting of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Max Planck Society, or the Wellcome Trust. The presentations feature the pre-tenure author and are a great opportunity for early-career scientists to participate in prestigious scientific gatherings in their fields.

Guests will discuss their work online in a Google Hangout On-Air and include: 
The event will be moderated by Chris Smith, producer of the eLife podcast and host of the Naked Scientists – an award-winning team of broadcasters whose aim is to promote science to the general public. The authors and papers selected for the next set of eLife-sponsored presentations will also be announced.
eLife-sponsored presentations showcase the early-career authors of studies selected by eLife’s editors to represent the breadth, quality, and importance of papers invited by the journal. Up to four papers are identified twice each year. The sponsorships are one of many eLife initiatives to highlight the scientific contributions of pre-tenure scientists – including the eLife podcast and letters of recommendation from our senior editors. 
Join in to learn more about these advances, the authors behind the work, and how eLife is making the publishing experience pain-free for all scientists. 
To participate, visit the eLife Google+ page. No Google account is required to participate. Simply join at the eLife Google + page when the event begins.
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