Boom reported in conservatory roof replacement

Admiral Homespace, the award winning home improvement company based at Alconbury near Huntingdon, has reported a boom in the relatively new process of removing a conservatory roof and replacing with tiles.

The company launched a new website for this service last year and has been inundated with enquiries from all over the country.

Steve Thorogood, Managing Director of Admiral states: ‘We are fortunate to be high in the organic Google listings due to the name New Conservatory Roof but I attribute most of our quality enquiries to the advisory nature of the website content. It is an unfortunate fact that the majority of roofing installers are turning a blind eye to the fact that these installations require building regulation approval. Whereas some potential clients are happy to do likewise, we urge caution in this regard.’

 Admiral states clearly on the website that building control approval is required for such works and has followed up the advice by including a downloadable LABC Viewpoint document that clarifies the position from a regulatory position.

So called ‘lightweight’ tiled roofs are still very much heavier than that of a conservatory and in most cases the windows and doors require strengthening before sitting such a heavy roof on top of a largely glazed room. The company also recommends full structural calculations on every installation to ensure stability in all conditions. Full written approvals are provided to clients only after a building control inspector has assessed all aspects of the installation.

The NewConservatoryRoof website has free technical and regulatory advice for anybody considering such a home improvement.

Admiral covers the East of England but because of the website success has an agreement with national systems suppliers to pass out of area enquiries to a selected number of quality installers throughout the country.





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