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With the recent launch of the brand new SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder, the first product of its kind, 2015 is set to be another exciting year for Cambridge based SureFlap.


Leaders in the smart pet technology market, SureFlap have won five awards in 2014 for their innovative microchip products including Pet Quip Product Innovation 2014, PPM Retailer Recommended Award 2014 and the prestigious International Cat Care Award for Cat Friendly Products.

With the recent launch of the brand new SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder, the first product of its kind, 2015 is set to be another exciting year for this Cambridge based company.

SureFlap products can identify a pet’s existing identification microchip to help solve problems that many pet owners face. The range of microchip pet doors can identify specific animals, giving authorised pets access to the home, whilst keeping unwanted intruders out. Additional features of the range include a programmable curfew timer and the option to keep certain pets indoors whilst letting others come and go as they please. The new pet feeder allows diets to be segregated in multi-pet homes, meaning that food for pets with special diets or medication can be kept away from other pets. The sealed bowl also keeps food fresher and stops undesirable food odours in the home.

Inventor and Managing Director Dr Nick Hill has always known that, amongst other factors, industrial design is key to the success of SureFlap products. He says: “I want our products to look great, be the best at what they do and be loved by the people who buy them.”

By working with Innova Systems, SureFlap has utilised the power and advantages of SOLIDWORKS to develop both aesthetic aspects of the design and the complex internal mechanical functions. This is particularly evident in the newly launched feeder where on the outside, surface modelling has been extensively used running across a number of injection moulded components and on the inside, a motor-powered multi-linkage mechanism has been developed with the help of the motion tools within SOLIDWORKS.

SureFlap uses the universal language of SOLIDWORKS to provide design data to their development and supply partners, benefitting from the large proportion of businesses now using the software and helping to clearly communicate through the design and manufacturing process. By also using SOLIDWORKS photorealistic visualisations for design sign offs and to create compelling marketing material, the software can be used for more than just CAD and engineering work.

Innova Systems have an expert technical support team that has helped SureFlap and its growing engineering department to deliver the same level of attention to detail that many large companies aim for. We are proud to partner with SureFlap who are making a real difference to pets and their owners.

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