10to8, the online booking system for small business, has released two new booking APIs

This enables any business to integrate 10to8’s world class booking process into their product or website.


10to8 gives businesses complete control over how their customers book appointments, both online and on mobile. Online booking has a huge impact on profit, online presence and acquiringnew customers.

“We’re really excited to see what people will do with the new APIs”, says 10to8 founder Tom Playford. “We know lots of businesses want to have online booking and the best tech available to their customers, without having to build it themselves. This lets them have it instantly. Businesses can build, tweak and control one of their most important customer processes with little or no effort. We can now give them that power”.

The Booking API

The Booking API gives organisations complete control over their 10to8 customer booking flow. It provides complete programmable access to a business’s available appointment slots, including details about staff, location and appointment type. This allows organisations to customise booking flows and implement custom logic to suit their business goals and processes.

“The 10to8 booking API turns the complex task of near real-time provisioning across multiple APIs into a simpler business process, lowering the barrier to entry to building sophisticated solutions,” says Playford. “We are thrilled to be making available the robust API technology required to ensure seamless, high performance cloud bookings for a variety of businesses and organisations. Making cutting-edge technology available for small business has always been central to our mission”.

World-leading app company, Appsme, is currently using the API to fully embed the 10to8 booking flow into its system, while maintaining its own unique look and feel. The booking API provides the control and flexibility Appsme needs, without sacrificing user experience.

Find out more about the Booking API here: https://10to8.com/api/booking/v2/

The Peer to Peer API

The Peer to Peer (P2P) API gives third party developers access to 10to8’s sophisticated coordination architecture. This includes access to booking, cancelling, rejecting and rebooking appointments by different parties across a multi-attendee event.

The P2P API leverages the powerful 10to8 communications system, which automatically requests attendees to confirm, rebook or cancel appointments via email or text, without having to create a user account.

Find out more about the Peer to Peer API here: https://10to8.com/api/p2p/v1/

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