Nano Carbon chooses AIXTRON tool for graphene production

AIXTRON SE, a worldwide leading provider of deposition equipment to the semiconductor industry, today announced that Nano Carbon (Poland) has ordered AIXTRON’s AIX G5 WW reactor for graphene production on silicon carbide. Nano Carbon owns a low-cost patented technique for epitaxial graphene that can be implemented on the AIXTRON system.


The equipment was ordered in the first quarter of 2015 and is due for delivery by the fourth quarter. The system will be configured to handle either ten 100mm or six 150mm substrates per run.

Nano Carbon is a 2011 start-up based on technology developed at the Institute of Electronic Materials Technology in Warsaw. Dr. Wlodek Strupinski from Institute of Electronic Materials Technology comments: “Nano Carbon will use the AIXTRON system to continue research on graphene on SiC and we will commercialize this technology on to production scale using the AIX G5 WW.”

Dr. Frank Schulte, Vice President AIXTRON Europe, adds : “We are proud to deliver our system to step in this promising technology and support Nano Carbon in the expansion of their business.”

The AIX G5 WW equipment provides high wafer throughput and is designed for the ultra-high temperatures needed for epitaxial graphene on SiC deposition.

Nano Carbon is an associate member of the EU’s graphene flagship project in which AIXTRON is leading the production work package. Nano Carbon is keen to supply high quality graphene on SiC to the various research groups and industries working on innovative graphene devices.

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