Milbank Concrete Products: working with IfM ECS to cement its growth through innovation


Milbank Concrete Products is one of more than 100 smaller manufacturers that IfM Education and Consultancy Services (IfM ECS) is working with as part of the PrISMS programme – and this case study highlights the difference it has made.


It is a leading manufacturer of high-quality precast concrete products, including floors, staircases and ground beams. It works with contractors in the civil engineering, rail, road and environmental sectors, offering services including design, manufacturing, installation and technical support.

IfM ECS worked with Milbank Concrete Products as part of the PrISMS programme to:

  • define the business growth strategy
  • implement an innovation process to support the growth strategy
  • increase revenues by 10% per annum
  • reduce electricity consumption and energy bills by 20%
  • optimise existing factory and yard layouts
  • increase manufacturing capacity by 10%
  • maintain existing jobs and increase staff levels by 5%.

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