Blue Sky thinking for new aircraft with e-Go Aeroplanes and Innova Systems


e-Go Aeroplanes - the fun flying machine - have launched an incredible aircraft design in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD from Innova Systems, experts in SOLIDWORKS Training & Support.


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Eloise Jean of Innova Systems writes:

But first let me make you aware of these points:

  • The e-Go is an incredibly fun flying experience due to higher usability, manoeuvrability and great visibility.
  • Very low cost flying – £60,000 investment with approx £15/ hr fuel costs vs most light aircraft to hire for £180/hr.
  • Technically challenging the constraints of the weight class the plane falls under by using a composite carbon fiber material and designing the aeroplane with a ‘proper’ system, SOLIDWORKS with design analysis supported by Innova Systems.
  • Developed under various funding rounds including Angle investors and crowd funding.
  • Taking orders now in line for Spring 2015 delivery

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