RealVNC announces support for Nokia's Terminal Mode


RealVNC's VNC® Mobile Solution for Automotive motors on, accelerating uptake across the global automotive industry.

RealVNC, the original developer and leading provider of VNC® technology, today announced support for Terminal Mode, based on VNC technology.

The recently released specification is proposed as an industry standard for the seamless integration of mobile devices and applications with vehicle infotainment systems.

The Terminal Mode specification has been published by Nokia and CE4A (Consumer Electronics for Automotive), the automotive industry working group comprising Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche and Volkswagen. Encouraging wide adoption of the specification, Nokia and CE4A have already announced collaborations with Alpine Electronics, Continental, Fiat, Harman Becker, Magneti Marelli and Valmet Automotive.

The selection of the underlying VNC technology by major Tier-1 equipment suppliers and automotive manufacturers provides further independent endorsement of the applicability of VNC within consumer electronics, mobile devices and embedded in-vehicle solutions such as head units and infotainment systems.

"We are delighted to show our support for this initiative", said Tom Blackie, Vice President Mobile of RealVNC. "This is an important industry development and we have a comprehensive and mature cross-platform solution available immediately for multiple operating systems that is a testament to the many years of effort that has gone into the development of VNC."

RealVNC's Mobile Solution for Automotive permits mobile devices to be automatically detected, accessed and controlled through the head unit touch-screen, bezel keys or steering wheel controls as they enter the vehicle. A key consideration for the automotive industry is the promotion and adoption of safe driving practices.

Built-in mechanisms interlock vehicle speed and access to applications to meet regulatory requirements and enhance safety. VNC technology provides a single, common device independent communications protocol, with RealVNC maintaining the cross-platform VNC Server software running on the mobile devices for all operating systems and new mobile devices. This provides car manufacturers and Tier-1 suppliers with the advantage of not having to continuously upgrade in-vehicle system software to keep pace within the fast moving mobile market.

"VNC Mobile Solution for Automotive is a unique and compelling offering for the automotive industry, which provides cross-platform remote access and control of mobile devices and desktop computers, directly from in-vehicle telematics or infotainment systems," adds Blackie.

"It's not just control of mobile devices, but it also enables access to back-office systems and remote desktop machines too; all directly from the head unit. It offers quick and easy development and deployment of branded custom HMI solutions; accelerating time to market, minimizing development costs and ongoing support and maintenance overheads."

Adopters of RealVNC's solution include Cybercom and Wipro along with many others to be announced. Håkan Fernström, Head of Automotive Division Cybercom, said, "Having looked at many discrete alternatives addressing a particular operating system or a small selection of mobile handsets, we are extremely pleased to have found RealVNC, providing a single cross-platform solution capable of replacing numerous legacy point solutions."

Nagamani Murthy, Vice President, Product Engineering Services (PES), Wipro, commented "We found VNC Mobile Solution for Automotive to be robust and easy to integrate in a typical infotainment head unit environment using our platform agnostic generic Connectivity Framework solution."

VNC Mobile Solution for Automotive, an OEM package, supports a range of in-vehicle embedded operating systems including Linux, Windows Automotive, CE, QNX, Qt, Android and other proprietary operating systems. RealVNC continues to provide cross-platform solutions with all leading mobile devices supported, including Windows Mobile, Symbian and Blackberry, as well as development versions of iPhone, Android, WebOS and Linux.

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RealVNC was founded in 2002 by the original developers of VNC to promote, enhance and commercialize VNC.