3D design software enables solar power rubbish bin design


SolidWorks 3D design software has been chosen for the development of the 'BigBelly' solar powered rubbish bins that are now being evaluated by Cambridgeshire Council.

Innova Systems Ltd has announced that their leading 3D engineering design software, SolidWorks, has been key to the development of a radical new approach to rubbish disposal. The 'BigBelly' solar powered rubbish bin uses solar energy to drive an internal compactor, enabling the bin to take a greater capacity of rubbish. This in turn reduces the frequency at which these bins need to be emptied, therefore saving considerable man power and transport costs.

SolidWorks is a powerful software design tool that is now used by over one million engineers and designers around the world. It enables engineers to not only develop their ideas in 3D but also to test and evaluate their design in a virtual environment. SolidWorks even enables the creation of photo-realistic images of the design, as well as detailed engineering drawings. In this respect SolidWorks is also a powerful communication tool, between the design team, marketing, management and component suppliers.

There were many design challenges involved in the Big Belly development. The compactor mechanism had to be designed for maximum efficiency, the solar panels needed to be protected, the bin itself needed to be robust, yet lightweight and the cost of manufacture needed to be minimised in order to make the concept commercially viable. Using SolidWorks, the design team were able to explore numerous ideas and materials until they reached an optimum design.

"Given that we're a mature product now, if we didn't have SolidWorks to try out new ideas and see how they fit with our robust design, we wouldn't have been able to try the many different changes and get the product out to market in time," said a BigBelly developer.

Today, there are over 1,700 BigBelly solar rubbish compactors spread across the U.S. and the world, At 150kg and about the same height and width of an average receptacle, BigBelly compresses the equivalent of five rubbish bins into a single receptacle, which helps companies and municipalities avoid four out of five rubbish collection trips.

"This is a fantastic design story," said Mark Bradford, Managing Director at Innova Systems. "How a new company researched a problem, developed an innovative solution using SolidWorks, that costs more to purchase initially, but produces a compelling return on investment for the purchaser and helps the environment in the process. We congratulate the team at Big Belly Solar. As a leading Supplier of SolidWorks based in Cambridge where the trials are underway, we will follow the trials with great interest"

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