Ennova selects RealVNC for leading Italian mobile network operator’s helpdesk application


RealVNC provides Ennova with remote access software to create a unique and innovative customer care solution for smartphones and tablet PCs.

Ennova has incorporated VNC® Mobile Solution, provided by RealVNC, into its helpdesk application being pioneered by Italy’s largest mobile Telco to add a new level of remote customer support.

Founded in 2010, Ennova is focused on developing innovative customer care models for use in the helpdesks of Telco, Finance and Utilities organizations, and is already working to integrate its technology and remote helpdesk services into some of Italy’s largest telecommunications companies.

Given the rapid proliferation and increasing sophistication of smartphones and tablet PCs, the quality of customer care provided by Telcos is becoming increasingly difficult to manage and maintain. With VNC built into Ennova’s helpdesk application, customer care operatives can gain remote access to and have full visibility and control of the mobile device they are troubleshooting, from Ennova’s simple but comprehensive desktop tool. VNC technology enables Ennova to provide two main helpdesk service categories: Remote Technical Support and Remote Caring.

Remote Technical Support is facilitated by VNC Mobile Solution. With VNC built into helpdesk tools and applications it negates the need for customer care operatives to conduct complex diagnostics or upgrades over the phone. Traditionally, this would involve giving step-by-step instructions to the customer; or when problems couldn’t be fixed over the phone, handsets would be returned to the store. This requires time-out of the customers’ busy schedule and the possibility of being without their mobile for days; worse still a lost sale and increased customer churn. RealVNC’s solution is proven to reduce the number of returned handsets, resulting in significant cost savings for the Telco, higher retention rates and happier customers.

Remote Caring, again facilitated by VNC Mobile Solution, is predominantly focused on customer care representatives providing remote configuration activities or training to end users. This enables them to become familiar with more complex functions or applications such as email and network configuration or multi-media messaging. Support in this area drives new usage patterns, increasing operator Average Revenue Per Users (ARPU) from greater use of high-value services.

VNC Mobile Solution is a comprehensive OEM package that provides support for multiple mobile platforms including Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android, iOS and Blackberry. Available as a Software Development Kit, developers can easily integrate the technology into their own helpdesk and device management applications.

“Our solutions are based on extensive research into how organizations can meet the support requirements of today’s mobile phone and tablet users, and developing the solutions and services to help them deliver exceptional customer care. By adding VNC capabilities to our helpdesk application, organizations can now benefit from simplified device caring or troubleshooting, they will see a revenue increase from the use of high-value services and a reduction in the number of returned handsets, thus saving the organization money whilst improving customer service,” said Michele Scarici, Marketing Director, Ennova.

“We are very pleased that Ennova has implemented VNC into its product offering; it is a company that is at the forefront of leveraging new technologies to help organizations improve customer care processes,” said Tom Blackie, VP Mobile at RealVNC. “Remote access capabilities are an increasingly important component of any mobile device management application, greatly enhancing the level of customer support that organizations can provide to their mobile device users. Ennova’s unique position and local presence in the Italian market provides a direct link to Italy’s largest network operators.”

About Ennova

Ennova’s mission is to design, build and deliver new and innovative Customer Care models for Telco, Finance and Utilities organizations, which simplify customer relationship management and improve customer experience. Ennova works with organizations to develop remote helpdesk models that represent a massive improvement and shift from the as-is model based on classic contact by phone or by email. Solutions from Ennova offer considerable simplification and enhancement of the customer care process, bringing value to both end users and operators. For further information about Ennova see: www.ennova.it

About RealVNC

RealVNC’s software solutions are used by hundreds of millions of people in both desktop and mobile platforms for remote access and control. VNC is used widely in hundreds of different applications, from helpdesks to virtualization. RealVNC’s commercial products have been shipped to customers in all sectors throughout the world.

RealVNC also works with many OEM partners to license VNC technology for inclusion in their product or service and is the only organization offering a commercial license to embed remote access capability in third-party products and offerings.


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