Marshall of Cambridge celebrates long service


The Marshall of Cambridge Annual Long Service Awards were presented last week by Sir Michael Marshall to employees who had completed 30 and 40 years of service.

In 2011, seven employees achieved 30 Years of Service and thus became members of the ‘Marshall 30 Club’, and 12 existing members of the Marshall 30 Club achieved a remarkable 40 Years of Service.  Four of the 40 Year employees, Steven Teversham, Andrew Burgess, Mark Cranwell and Robin Lipscombe, all of Marshall Aerospace, had all started on the same day, 31 August 1971, as apprentices.

Prior to the Awards Ceremony Sir Michael Marshall said: ‘In these fast-moving and rapidly changing times, it is becoming increasingly challenging, for both the companies and their employees to achieve 30 or more years of working together.  I am really thrilled that we have all been able to achieve this and that today we can celebrate your hard work for 30 or 40 Years’. 

Sir Michael also mentioned his pride in all Company Employees and their families and added: ‘I would also like to thank your wives, partners and families who supported you throughout your long service with us and often coped with absences when there was an important programme to be completed for one of our customers’.

Responding on behalf of the recipients of the Awards, Mr Robin Lipscombe, a 40 Year Achiever said:  ’I know I speak for all of my fellow award winners when I say how much we appreciate the opportunities that Marshall of Cambridge has provided for us and the opportunity to achieve long-term employment.  Working here is a most enormous pleasure and we all appreciate the opportunities provided for us, by the Marshall Family and the Company, and we all look forward to supporting the Company for many years ahead’.

A list of all recipients is available to download (below).

Marshall of Cambridge is one of a very small number of companies – if not the only one – in the United Kingdom, which has taken on and trained apprentices on a continuous basis since 1920.  The Marshall Group of Companies’ long commitment and investment in training has led to long service and, taken together, 666 Awards have been made to employees for 30 Years of Service; 243 Awards have been made for 40 Years of Service; 31 Awards have been made for 50 Years of Service; and 5 Awards have been made for quite remarkable 60 Years of Service.

Founded in 1909 with little capital as a chauffeur drive company in Cambridge, Marshall moved into the retail motor business in 1910, obtained the Austin Distributorship for Cambridgeshire in 1920 and entered the aviation business in 1929.  With all its growth funded by ploughed-back profits, the Marshall Group remains a privately owned family Company, with a turnover of over £1bn per annum.  The Group of Companies is chaired by the third generation of the Marshall family, and employs members of the fourth generation.  The Group currently employs just over 4,000 people working in the fields of aerospace engineering; design and manufacture of specialist vehicle applications, military mobility shelters and hospital surgical units; motor vehicle sales and after sales support; refrigerated transport sales and support; and property ownership and management.   (




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Founded in 1909, the Marshall Group has a turnover of £2.5bn and over 5,700 employees. Headquartered on a 900-acre site in Cambridge, Marshall has three principal arms to the business: Aerospace and Defence; Property; and Ventures.

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