Innova Systems - the only SolidWorks UK reseller to offer 3D printing from 3D


Innova Systems is pleased to announce that it can now offer HP Designjet 3D Printers alongside its suite of SolidWorks design solutions.

The company says:

Those of our customers who joined us in October for our SolidWorks 2012 Launch Event will have seen the HP 3D Printer we had running in the sidelines. 3D modelling and 3D printing go hand in hand, and SolidWorks handles the workflow perfectly. As such, we are pleased to announce that we can now offer HP Designjet 3D Printers alongside our suite of SolidWorks design solutions.

Until recently 3D printing was a messy process, at the end of which you had a brittle and somewhat inaccurate prototype. A 3D printer from HP works well in an office environment and produces solid ABS models to very tight tolerances – 0.25mm in fact. Design your product in SolidWorks, export it to an STL file, read it into your 3D printer and in a matter of hours you’ll have a physical prototype in your hands. It’s really as simple as that.

Here at Innova Systems, we’re committed to providing outstanding customer service as part of our business partnerships. That’s why we’ll not only supply and support the machines, but we will also be able to offer discounted consultancy work to our customers. Send us your 3D design data and we’ll send you a printed 3D model!

"Gone are the days of messy, fragile models. I remember when lesser machines cost upwards of £100,000. The fact that we're able to offer these printers to you is testament to investment in groundbreaking technologies. We hope you're as excited about this venture as we are." - Chris Olds, Sales Manager

We believe 3D printing will soon become commonplace in the design office – get ahead of the curve and give us a call today on 01223 200690 or visit our website for more information.


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