Q103 tops the popularity stakes


Commercial radio station Q103, which covers the Cambridge and Newmarket region, has topped the ratings in the latest Rajar* survey of listening figures.

The survey indicates that the station has 23% of all listening, with BBC Radio Four in second place with 15%.

Q103 says the survey shows increases in numbers of listeners as well as in how much they listen, with over twice the number of listeners of any other commercial station in the area. Alistair Wayne, managing director, commented: 'Of all the surveys we have had, this one establishes beyond all doubt that Q103 is the area's most popular station. We have shown consistent growth through the years, but this time we were really tested against the full weight of the BBC's marketing muscle as well as against the new commercial entrants to our market. We can say, with absolute conviction, that this market belongs to Q103.'

*Rajar market share survey Quarter II, 1998. Rajar forbids comparison of BBC Cambridgeshire or Vibe fm figures to Q103.