CfEL 2000 entrepreneurship prize - sponsored by Novus4


There will be a fantastic opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to win a great prize at the 2005 Summer School - 11 - 16 July - organised by the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (based at the Judge Institute of Management in Cambridge).

The 2000 prize is being sponsored by Novus4, a young business started up by a previous Summer School attendee, Humayun Sheikh.

Humayun attended in 2004. 'I have discovered how many people like me have trouble finding investment to trial, research and build prototypes of their ideas, so, while I was searching for my own funding, I got a couple of investors interested in creating a small investment fund of around 80k, specifically to fund small projects.'

Humayun has a successful background in electronic engineering, having worked in companies such as Siemens and Marconi for around five years.

'I gained a great deal from the Summer School and have made enormous progress. It was a valuable learning experience, particularly in terms of the commercial presentation of ideas and meeting the requirements of potential investors. The Summer School also provides great networking opportunities. I have maintained my connections to CfEL and would like to support other individuals to make their business ideas happen', said Humayun.

Novus4 can help market the winning project and prepare it for commercialisation. It is hoped this will motivate entrepreneurs and get them started in the real world.

Shai Vyakarnam, Director of CfEL, stated;' Humayun has presented us with a great gift to help spread the spirit of enterprise. It's very generous since he is himself getting started and yet is willing to 'put something back' in recognition of the help he got from the Summer School. We hope this is just the beginning and inspires a future fund for Summer School alumni.'

A panel of judges made up of mentors and contributors to the Summer School programme will award the prize for the most viable business project presented.

A range of highly respected and successful entrepreneurs will be speaking at this year's Summer School such as Hermann Hauser (of Amadeus Partners), David Cleevely (founder of Analysis), Andy Richards (a Biotech entrepreneur) and Gerry Fitzsimmons (CEO of TTP Ventures). Other expert entrepreneurs such as Karan Bilimoria (founder of Cobra Beer) and Henri Winand (of Rolls Royce) will be attending networking events during the programme.

was founded in 2004 and funds new, innovative ideas with a commercial value. It also assists with the design and marketing of these ideas. The investors involved work in the manufacturing industry and have successful businesses. The first Novus product will be launched in March 2006. For further information, please contact Humayun Sheikh. Tel: 07719 046137. Email:

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