Xaar announces wider distribution agreement with Intech


Xaar plc, world leading piezo electric inkjet manufacturer and Intech Digital Technology Limited have reached an agreement to enable the Xaar approved Blackjet Opal 'Lo-Res' ink range to be available via distributors and end users as well as OEMs.

Xaar printheads are widely used throughout China in the wide format graphics print industry and this agreement provides Chinese distributors and end users access to a Xaar approved ink, which has been extensively tested for compatibility with, and recommended for use in the market leading XJ printheads.

"We have stressed with all our OEMs how important it is for approved, compatible inks to be used with Xaar printheads. The selection of the appropriate ink is critical not just to the quality of the end product, but also to maximise the lifespan of the printheads," said Jill Woods, Xaar's Inks and Peripherals Product Manager.

"We have had an approval in place with Intech for distribution of the Blackjet Opal 'Lo-Res' Intech/Xaar branded ink via OEMs. They have proved an extremely popular product range due to their reliability and consistent quality. As a result of the new agreement we hope to facilitate broader adoption of these inks in the wide format graphics environment via distributors and end users," Dr Woods added.

Intech Digital's Managing Director, Adrian Peirse adds: "We have added a Xaar approved 'Hi-Res' ink to our portfolio which is available via OEMs. We were delighted with the success of the Blackjet Opal 'Lo-Res' inks into the marketplace via OEMs and for us now to extend our agreement with Xaar to include direct access to distributors and end users marks a great strategic direction for both companies."

Intech Digital will offer technical support and advice to Xaar customers, with its team of specially trained staff. Xaar offers its usual warranties on the full series of Hi- and Lo-Res heads when used with the appropriate approved Blackjet Opal Inks, providing customers with a complete packaged solution.

The Blackjet Opal 'Lo-Res' Inks are available from Intech Digital in easily distinguishable sizes, according to customers' needs.

About Xaar

Xaar plc is a market-leading ink jet technology company. It targets the world's office, commercial and industrial printing markets. The office printing market is approached through Xaar's licensees; the industrial printing market is targeted by XaarJet, the manufacturing arm of Xaar; and a combination of partners and key players work with Xaar to serve the commercial printing market. Vivid Print Innovations, the applications division of Xaar, provides Xaar's in-house specialist integration service.

About Intech Digital Technology Limited

Intech Digital Technology, a Hong Kong based enterprise, develops, manufactures and supplies inks for inkjet digital printing. The company has focused on product development in the rapidly expanding wide and large format, as well as desktop sectors, and has an increasing portfolio in other inkjet technology applications. Its 'Blackjet' brand name is synonymous with quality and reliability in both the China market and increasingly worldwide.

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