Marshall Motor Group reassures MG Rover owners


Following the recent announcement that it will be representing Ford in Cambridge from 1st September, Marshall Motor Group has moved swiftly to reassure its many MG Rover customers in the area that Marshall will continue to maintain and repair MG Rover cars and supply parts for MG Rovers through the

Group's large network of dealerships in the area.

Marshall Motor Group has a large number of highly skilled MG Rover technicians with many years of experience with the brand and they are backed up by a large stockholding of MG Rover original parts in its large parts warehouse in Cambridge. MG Rover original parts will continue to be freely available to Marshall through X-Part, the MG Rover parts operation which was sold to Caterpillar Logistics in August 2004.

Marshall will be writing to all of its MG Rover customers to reassure them of the Marshall Group's continued support for them and for their MG Rover cars.

Roger Knight, Chief Executive of Marshall said: 'I am delighted to confirm that Marshall Motor Group will continue to look after its many MG Rover customers as it has done for more than 85 years.

'Although our MG Rover showroom in Cambridge will be sign-written with the Ford name from September, we have retained all of our experienced MG Rover staff who will be ready to serve our existing MG Rover customers alongside our new Ford customers. MG Rover owners will also be able to use any Marshall dealership for service work if another of our workshops is more convenient for them.'

Marshall Motor Group is a privately owned company which was founded in Cambridge in 1909 and which now has 44 dealerships representing 16 different vehicle manufacturers.

There are currently over 2 million MG Rover cars on the road in the UK and Marshall Motor Group continues to receive daily deliveries of MG Rover original parts to satisfy the needs and requirements of its many retail and business customers in this area.

Marshall Motor Group is also continuing to sell MG Rover cars from its dealerships and still has a large stock of cars from across the MG Rover range available at very competitive prices.

Roger Knight added: 'Many customers are still considering the MG Rover product when they decide to buy a new car. They represent tremendous value and have a good reputation for quality and reliability which, when backed by ongoing service and parts support, make the cars a very good buy.'

Statement issued by Marshall Motor Group on Wednesday, 3rd August, 2005.


Founded in 1909, the Marshall Group has a turnover of £2.5bn and over 5,700 employees. Headquartered on a 900-acre site in Cambridge, Marshall has three principal arms to the business: Aerospace and Defence; Property; and Ventures.

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