Cambridge Airport


ScotAirways has decided to suspend its daily flights from Cambridge to Amsterdam in order to concentrate on its wider route structure which particularly includes flights to Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow from London City Airport.

Marshall of Cambridge has valued the presence of ScotAir at Cambridge. The airline has provided a very valuable service to the travelling public from Cambridge Airport and we know they are going to be missed.

Two recent studies - one by an independent travel consultant - and one by the Cambridge Network have shown that there is a very strong demand for travel to a variety of European destinations, which particularly includes Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris from Cambridge Airport. Business travellers particularly value the convenience of Cambridge Airport and appreciate the short - 10 minute - check-in time for flights, as well as the very easy access to the Airport and the very convenient car parking.

The facilities at Cambridge Airport have been progressively modernised during the last two years. This has included the construction of an air traffic control tower and the installation of an Instrument Landing System, new approach lights and an area radar.

With these facilities, together with Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) and a Non Directional Beacon (NDB), Cambridge Airport is one of the best equipped City airports in the country, and a planning application has recently been submitted for a new airport terminal building. Cambridge Airport holds a Public Use Licence and can accept the operation of public transport up to, typically, Boeing 757 or Airbus 320 size and weight.

The extensively equipped and up to date airport provides excellent facilities for business, holiday and recreational flights to and from Cambridge. The airport supports a wide range of charter flights in support of Cambridge University and in support of horse racing and the bloodstock trade at Newmarket.

Cambridge Airport is poised to play an important part in the Government's Integrated Transport Strategy as a regional airport, and the Airport Management team are in contact with a number of other airlines who are potential users of the airport for both scheduled and charter flights.



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