Summer brings extra sets of brain-cells for high-tech businesses


Experience Entrepreneurship, a programme run by Cambridge Entrepreneurship Centre (CEC), is introducing high-tech local businesses to highly-motivated Cambridge University students who want to work with them over the summer.

The companies are getting help with projects such as developing new products or marketing segmentation and strategy. The students available have a wide range of knowledge, including both technical and business skill-sets. They include postgraduates and undergraduates of many disciplines, including science, engineering, computer science and management.

All of them are involved because they are keen to make a difference in a small high-tech firm and want to understand the challenges of setting up a venture.

Students receive training and support from CEC, which is attached to the Judge Institute of Management. Projects range from four weeks to three months and can run from mid-June to late September. Many students are interested in extending their involvement in the company they are placed with.

The programme will be smaller than in the past, so that students and companies can be closely matched and supported, and CEC can help the companies define the project scope and objectives. Students will visit CEC for training in project management and entrepreneurship, and twice during their projects for expert advice on project management and business, so that the companies can get maximum value from the programme.

If you have a challenging problem that needs working on over the Summer, or for more information, please contact:

Louise Norton

Cambridge Entrepreneurship Centre (CEC)

01223 766900

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