Enterprising Students seek work with local businesses


For the fourth year, the University of Cambridge Entrepreneurship Centre (CEC) is running the 'Enterprising Students' programme, formerly known as 'Experience Entrepreneurship', through which many companies have benefited from having a Cambridge University student to undertake business and technical

projects that are important to the business.

Such a company is Alphamosaic, based at the Cambridge Science Park. Yvonne Chow, an Engineering student entering her final year at Cambridge University, worked with Alphamosaic through this programme. She managed a market research project to find potential applications for a video processing chip.

Robert Swann, VP of Marketing at Alphamosaic said 'It was very useful to define our strategy in the secondary market. Yvonne's work was very helpful to us there. She interviewed CTO's by phone and asked what their product plans are and what things they were doing. ......it really worked well for us and we would definitely take part in the programme again'

All of the students who take part have received excellent feedback from the companies regarding their resourcefulness, conscientiousness and level of initiative. Examples of some of the other projects undertaken are:

  • Project management for a new technology, where the student helped ActiveHotels put together a successful SMART award entry for a new technology project, which secured 45,000 of DTI funding for the business

  • A market evaluation project for Lorantis which helped the company make some fairly major decisions, and the work for which, they were quoted 150,000 by a consultancy to answer the same question

  • Prototype development for ZAP (now Splashpower) by an engineering undergraduate.

    CEC filters and matches the projects and the right students, and sends appropriate CVs to companies.

    Andrew Goyder, COO at Genapta commented: "One advantage to us of the programme was that we only got offered pre-selected CVs. You can get someone intelligent and well-qualified with lots of knowledge in the area you need..." The chosen student would then be employed full time on the project for an agreed period, and would be paid by the host company.

    Students have a high level of support throughout the project through training and a dedicated supervisor. Supervisors are experienced entrepreneurs who will provide them with advice and objective support to fulfil the objectives of the project.

    CEC is currently co-ordinating the programme for this summer. If you would like to find out more about having a talented student with a high level of initiative to make a difference to your business, then telephone 01223 766900 or visit the web-site www.cec.cam.ac.uk
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