Innova sets the standard for manufacturing in East Anglia


Innova Systems, the only 'SolidWorks' reseller based in East Anglia this week celebrates its second year in business and its 100th customer.

Cambridge based Innova Systems supply its clients with the leading 3D computer aided design solution - SolidWorks. SolidWorks software enables product designers and engineers to visualize, share and test their innovative ideas before manufacture, eliminating the need for expensive prototypes, reducing both time and cost in bringing new product to market. The advanced software opens up a quicker and more cost effective route to market for the manufacturing industry.

Innova's success and growth rate reflects that East Anglia's manufacturing sector is enjoying a positive time and has survived the turbulent market conditions.

The Department of Trade and Industry has recently launched the 'manufacturing gateway' report, which is to be followed up in May. The DTI's report highlights the importance of manufacturing because it makes up a sixth of the economy, and accounts for over half of UK exports, and around 80% of all business research and development.*

It is therefore crucial that the manufacturing sector is able to stay ahead of the game by utilizing products such as SolidWorks to develop their ideas cost effectively.

Innova's clients in the region include Camcon Technology. Camcon used SolidWorks to develop its award winning energy-efficient rolling swing valve. Innova Systems supplied Camcon with 'SolidWorks Office Professional' and provided the training and implementation support to ensure Camcon's design team could take full advantage of the new software.

Innova has secured a platform from which it can offer its clients expert advice as well as a range of support services that are individual to each clients needs. In addition to selling the software Innova Systems also provide in depth training and software support.

Mark Bradford, Managing Director of Innova Systems said: 'Given the dramatic downturn in the manufacturing sector, it is a great testimony to our dedicated team at Innova that we have reached this pivotal point so quickly. Companies with vision realise that when it comes to manufacturing there is no better investment than in the technology used to create the end product.'

Bradford continued: 'One of Innova's key strengths is that we work in partnership with our clients, maintaining the relationship beyond sale to provide in depth training and constant system support.'

* Source:

DTI's manufacturing gateway , March 2004

Innova Systems

Established in 2002 by Founder and Managing Director Mark Bradford, Innova Systems is the only SolidWorks reseller based in East Anglia. Innova provides software sales, support and training to its diverse portfolio of clients.

The company run an active programme of seminars and workshops to help its clients trial the software. Innova Systems offer the skill and experience to help companies develop new products using SolidWorks in less time and at less cost than ever before.


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