Cambridge Business School hosts pan-European seminar on the teaching of entrepreneurship


Cambridge plays host to a joint seminar on best practice in the teaching of entrepreneurship between 24 and 29 June.

Over 40 professors and lecturers involved in the teaching of entrepreneurship, from the UK to Uzbekistan, will gather together for a series of case study teaching sessions at the University's business school, the Judge Institute of Management.

The seminar has been organised by the European Foundation for Entrepreneurship Research and will be chaired by Professor Howard Stevenson from Harvard business school.

Other contributors include representatives from IESE , London business school and the Director of the University of Cambridge Entrepreneurship Centre (CEC), Peter Hiscocks.

The seminar aims to develop and update skills in teaching entrepreneurship and outline the broader business context in which these are developing including venture capital, incubation and the role of universities in driving new venture creation.

A series of guest speakers from the business world will end each day session by outlining their experiences of entrepreneurship. These include Bert Twaalfhoven (Indivers), Alan Barrell (NW Brown Capital Partners) and Ronald Cohen (Apax Partners).N

Peter Hiscocks of the CEC outlined his hopes for the event: 'With delegates from 23 different countries present this should be an invaluable networking event which we hope will enable us to spread the knowledge of best practice.

'Professors of Entrepreneurship will gain experience from the case-study approach and put this into action. Furthermore we expect that people will initiate relationships that will build towards collaborative programmes. The whole seminar is about working together and learning from each other.'

The University of Cambridge Entrepreneurship Centre was established in 1999. It operates as a sub department of the University's business school, the Judge Institute of Management.

The Centre is one of a number of organisations working within the University of Cambridge to provide training in entrepreneurship-related skills, to support entrepreneurs as they develop their business ideas, and to build understanding of how new ventures can best be supported from start-up through to maturity.

The Judge Institute of Management is Cambridge University's business school. Founded in 1990, it now has over 200 students and an international faculty of over 50 teaching and research staff.

It offers a portfolio of undergraduate, graduate and executive management programmes, including the Cambridge MBA. E-commerce and entrepreneurship are recognised as an integral part of our teaching.

The European Foundation for Entrepreneurship Research's early activities consisted of funding research into the key factors for success of dynamic growth companies in Western Europe. After 1987 they expanded their research into Central and Eastern Europe. After 12 years entrepreneurship has taken off in Western and Eastern Europeand the Club of Europe's top 500 has developed into a self-perpetuating educator, promotor and facilitator of entrepreneurship in Europe.

The founding sponsors of EFER were Indivers, McKinsey, Arthur Andersen, Leif Hoegh Foundation, 3i and Harvard Business School.


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The Entrepreneurship Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School aims to inspire, enable and research entrepreneurship.

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