Consultants for Analytical Manufacturers


A co-operating network of industry served specialists has come together to support analytical and life science instrument and consumable product manufacturers across Europe.

Consultants for Analytical Manufacturers, abbreviated C4AM, was born six months ago as the brainchild of Diane Turner, Anthias Consulting Ltd., UK which specialises in applications, instrument training and method development.

The four founding board members of C4AM are each analytical and life science instrument industry experts, in the key areas of manufacturing and operations, product management, sales and marketing, application and method development, performance coaching and management development.

“Many instrument manufacturers have complemented us on what was originally just a simple co-operation between a few of us. But due to the large amount of surprise and interest expressed, we decided it was time to make us a recognised industry figure. C4AM was simply a good idea waiting to happen." Diane Turner, Director of Anthias Consulting Ltd., UK.

“Instrument manufacturers come to us for intermittent project-based support, for example, to increase their margins, develop more sales in a difficult territory or help carry a product from design through to applications and market. This can also be where they have a lack of resource or where the justification of an extra head count is tricky.” Suzy Lynch, Director of Cambridge Manufacturing Solutions Ltd., UK.

“Being based both in the UK and continental Europe, C4AM affords excellent business opportunities for manufacturers looking to increase their sales throughout the UK and mainland Europe. Qualified experts operating in native English, is likewise a real asset for manufacturers in the creation of technical-based customer communications.” Martine Barnes, Director of Amoeba Science Ltd., NL.

“Often solutions to growing business encroach on different business units. C4AM identifies with the needs of instrument and consumable product manufacturers by being able to provide a fully integrated approach. C4AM consultants remain independent, but full confidentiality is naturally always assured.” Steve Cole, Director of Pivotal Sales Training Ltd., UK.

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Independent experts in analytical science providing consulting and training in Gas Chromatography, Liquid Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, Inductively Coupled Plasma, Spectroscopy, Mass Spectrometry Imaging, Physical & Structural Properties of Molecules and all their related techniques.

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