DisplayLink and EVGA bring USB graphics adapters (UGAs) to mass-market retail


DisplayLink and EVGA today announced that they have teamed to deliver a new generation of affordable USB graphics adapters (UGAs) for mass-market retail consumers.

EVGA's new UV Plus+ Family of products which consists of the UV12 and UV16 USB graphics adapters, are based on DisplayLink network display technology, enabling Windows XP and Vista users to quickly and easily connect multiple displays to a PC or notebook via simple USB connection.

EVGA is a market leader and premier provider of high-performance graphics solutions for PC gamers and systems integrators. The new UV12 and UV16 USB graphics adapters offer an easy, low-cost way for these users to add additional monitors, as well as new users who want to expand their visual computing environment for a variety of applications.

"DisplayLink technology enables us to deliver a UGA that is affordable, portable, and easy to use, which dovetails perfectly with EVGA's strategy of penetrating broader consumer markets," said Joe Darwin, director of marketing for EVGA. "At the same time, we hope that the EVGA UV12 and UV16 will help bring DisplayLink's exciting USB display technology to a wider mainstream audience."

"EVGA's retail marketing muscle can help us achieve our goal of putting DisplayLink technology into the hands of any consumer who wants quick, easy access to multiple monitors," said Dennis Crespo, DisplayLink executive vice president of marketing and business development. "Their experience and presence in the retail and distribution channels make EVGA a valuable customer and partner for DisplayLink."

What is a UGA?
Based on DisplayLink's unique hardware and software, UGAs bring the simplicity of USB to monitor connection, enabling users to quickly and easily connect and enjoy an additional display to a PC or laptop. A UGA slips easily into a briefcase, carrying bag or even a pocket, so users can carry it with their notebook for anytime/anywhere connection to projectors, docking stations or desktop displays.

For retailers, the sub-$100 retail price, compact design, and versatile applications of UGAs enable placement in multiple sales areas, including Monitors, Notebook PCs, Graphics Cards, USB Accessories—even POP checkout areas for impulse buyers.

About the EVGA UV12/UV16
EVGA's USB display adapters make it easy to expand a computer's visual workspace, and offer a variety of innovative features:

A small foot print and unique stackable design reduces desktop clutter.

UV12 supports displays up to 1280 x 1024 (1440 x 900 widescreen).

UV16 supports displays up to 1600 x 1200 (1680 x 1050 widescreen).

Up to four displays can be connected to a single PC (requires multiple UGAs).

Three video modes support mirrored desktop, extended desktop and primary display.

Availability & Pricing
The EVGA UV12 and UV16 adapters will have an expected street price of well below $100. Both adapters are now available through EVGA's network of leading E-tailers, retailers, systems integrators and distributors.


Photo caption: EVGA’s new UV Plus+ Family of products which consists of the UV12 and UV16 USB graphics adapters, are based on DisplayLink network display technology


About EVGA
Founded in 1999, EVGA has grown exponentially in the channel, serving the system builder, distribution and retail markets with products that offer the highest in quality and customer satisfaction, thereby making the computing experience transparent to the hardware in the box. EVGA only offers visual processing products based on NVIDIA chipsets and in year 2005 expanded its product line to include motherboards. For further information online about EVGA, visit www.evga.com.

About DisplayLink
DisplayLink Corp. is a network display chip and software company that helps people to create simple connections between computers and displays – via USB, making the benefits of expanded visual workspace available to everyone. Using universally accepted wired or wireless networking protocols and proprietary software compression techniques, graphically rich content can be transmitted easily between a single device and multiple displays over a network. Leading global manufacturers have integrated network display technology into an array of consumer electronics including USB-enabled monitors, video docking stations and display adapters. More information can be found at www.displaylink.com.


DisplayLink is a fabless network graphics semiconductor and software company, formed in 2003 to develop and exploit methods of delivering content to multiple flat panel displays from a single computer with the view that this technology could lower the costs of computing and thus make information technology much more widely available in developing countries.