Happy 1st birthday European GC/GC-MS training courses!


Anthias Consulting and Amoeba Sciences celebrated their final training course for 2007-08 with a bang in Berlin at the end of June with an average 4.7* rating. Delegates attended from the UK, Belgium, Romania, The Netherlands and Germany for The Complete GC course.

Here are some of the comments we received from delegates::


“Strong background and practical focus. A session of hands-on would be advantageous. Instructors and organisers are warm and nice, yet professionable and knowledgeable. A very good exposure to GC-MS, current knowledge, industry, networking and technologies.” Su Shiung Lam, PhD Student, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, UK.

“Brilliantly presented, warm and cosy atmosphere. Very informative, use of full documentation. Nice tips to organise yourself.” Service Engineer, Separation Sciences.

“Very useful to design an instrument for particular applications; this should be more extensive in future courses taught. To go through all instrumentation components was very useful. Suggestions for equipment maintenance and method optimisation were of great value for equipment procurement.” Lab Manager, Energy Industry.

“Very good overview of the technique and possibilities, but also great practical tips. It's a lot of information - sometimes a little too much maybe, but it makes it possible for everyone to pick out the points that are important for them. Having a reasonably small group like we had, gives more chance for personal guidance - get your answers!” Femke Sterckx, PhD Student, Centre for Malting and Brewing Science, University of Leuven, Belgium.

“Instructors very passionate, very thorough information taught very well. This course is infused with a “can do” and “want to do” attitude; tackling the installation of a sniffport to our 3rd GC is not as daunting anymore, as before the course. But in a 5-day option, day 4 is a summary of days 1-3.” Corinna Heuss, Analyst, Firmenich UK Ltd.

We've had many requests from both analysts and suppliers to expand the courses into other countries. So we're adding more than a whopping 50 courses across 20 destinations to the agenda for the new 2008/2009 academic year! Dates are to follow…


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