Innova announces the release of SolidWorks 2009


New version of 3D design tool focuses on ease of use and productivity.

Innova Systems have announced the release of the next version of SolidWorks, the acclaimed 3D engineering and design tool that is now used by over 750,000 engineers worldwide. SolidWorks enables engineers and designers to not only create virtual models of new products, but also can generate important engineering data, extensive analysis and testing data and photo realistic pictures.


The new version introduces many new features, most of which have been introduced to make the software easier to use and to accelerate productivity.


"The big attraction of SolidWorks is that even though it's a professional design package and a very powerful tool, it is also very easy to use. It's very intuitive," said Mark Bradford, Managing Director of Innova Systems. "The new version builds on this aspect of the tool as well as introducing a number of powerful new features."


SolidWorks is used for the development of a broad range of products, ranging from furniture to electronics. For the electronics sector, SolidWorks offers a number of specific tools that can model such aspects as cable and wire routing, as well as 3D PCB modeling and enclosure design. It can also undertake thermal analysis to model the thermal behavior of a design, highlighting possible concerns before the product goes into production.


"For many companies, SolidWorks is used not only to create the physical shape of the design, but to also test all aspects of it before it goes into production," said Mark. "It can test whether a plastic enclosure has been suitably designed for successful injection moulding, it can test the strength of structural aspects of the design, the model can be virtually assembled and disassembled to highlight production issues and even the photo realistic images often play an important role in testing the market and for the development of marketing material prior to production. Each of these aspects help to eliminate costly errors, to accelerate time to market and to ensure success once the product is released. For many of our clients SolidWorks is regarded as a powerful business tool, over and above its engineering capabilities."


Innova Systems are based at Histon near Cambridge and have been experts in 3D design for over 16 years. With a team of highly qualified engineers, Innova assists companies across the UK in the adoption of SolidWorks technology and provide training and technical support. Their clients include such companies as Xaar, Amarinth, Thermoteknix and The Cambridge Design Partnership.


"Our focus is always to help our clients get the real commercial benefits of SolidWorks," said Mark. "The beauty of SolidWorks 2009 is that it is easier and faster to use, clearly this will further help reduce development costs and offer our customers an important competitive advantage over their rivals."




About Innova Systems


Innova is a leading UK distributor of Solidworks, an advanced 3D Mechanical CAD system that enables engineers to rapidly develop and refine ideas to create innovative products. By combining SolidWorks with Innova Systems’ expertise, training facilities and commitment to support customers, Innova is helping companies across the UK to significantly change and improve the way new products are created.


SolidWorks® is a registered trademark owned by the SolidWorks Corporation




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