Cambridge Rainforest Appeal to be launched this Friday


The launch of the Cambridge Rainforest Appeal will take place at Marshall Aerospace during the evening of Friday 21 November, beginning at 5.30pm, in conjunction with the World Land Trust, whose patron is Sir David Attenborough.

This project has received exceptionally strong support from the wider Cambridge Community. Included in the glittering guest list of local celebrities will be City of Cambridge Member of Parliament David Howarth MP, Councillor Mike Dixon the Mayor of Cambridge, Dr Mary Archer and Doug Richard, formerly of BBC’s Dragons Den, who will introduce the evening’s activities.

Cambridge resident Sir David King, former Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Government, is a supporter of the appeal and said: 'I fully support the Cambridge Rainforest Appeal, which is being set up to raise funds to save vital rainforests and provide homes for endangered Orang-utans and Pygmy Elephants. The plight of Borneo’s ecologically rich rainforests has been brought to the attention of a world-wide audience and I welcome this initiative to help to save the incredible biodiversity of the region. Avoided deforestation will also be a major contributory to decreasing the alarming growth in greenhouse gas emissions which is the route cause of global warming.'

Mr Michael Marshall said: 'With the approach of our Centenary next year we have been searching for a worthwhile project which will address not only concerns about global warming, but also make a positive contribution to the survival of critically endangered species, such as Orang-utans, who have already lost 90% of their habitat due to the widespread conversion of rainforest into Palm Oil Plantations. This loss of habitat continues at an alarming rate.

'The World Land Trust has identified a location which satisfies all of these criteria in Borneo and we at Marshall of Cambridge have joined them in a bid to save these habitats and wildlife for the future.'

Rainforests play a vital role for the World’s population providing a multitude of resources from timbers to medicines used in homes and everyday lives. The extensive tropical forests which stretch above and below the Equator also provide homes for a vast range of biodiversity from the majestic Jaguar to the humble beetle. Rainforests also provide another vital role through climate regulations, converting the build-up of atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO²) and replacing it with Oxygen, essentially acting as ‘lungs of the Earth’. Not only do rainforests reduce the level of CO² in the atmosphere, one of the greenhouse gases playing a major role in global warming, but also provide a long-term store for the gas. Protection of rainforests therefore provides a crucial role in the World’s fight against global warming.

Borneo and the plight of its rainforests were recently highlighted in a major Sunday Times article on 16 November.


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