DisplayLink streamlines drivers for enterprise with new Windows MSI installer


MSI installer for DisplayLink USB graphics saves time and money for IT departments.

 A new software update from DisplayLink means it's now as easy to deploy DisplayLink Corp.'s USB graphics technology on thousands of computers as it is on one. The new v4.6 driver update, which features this corporate install option for IT departments, also includes support for the ATI Hybrid Graphics notebooks and improved support for monitor cloning/mirroring – seeing the same image on two or more monitors at once.

The DisplayLink USB Graphics Windows Driver v4.6 MSI installer enables IT departments to leverage their existing group policy infrastructure to roll out DisplayLink software onto every desktop in the enterprise automatically, and without end-user intervention.

Thanks to the unattended nature of the MSI installer, a considerable amount of installation time is removed from the set up of DisplayLink-enabled technology in a corporate environment. As a result, companies can achieve the benefits of USB graphics computing even easier and for lesscost than ever before.

"The MSI install approach is a must for companies that want to offer the benefits of USB graphics and multi-monitor computing to many employees," said Dennis Crespo, executive vice president of marketing and business development for DisplayLink. "Now setting up and supporting this technology is smoother than ever."

DisplayLink USB graphics technology is embedded in a range of brand name USB monitors, universal docks, USB projectors and wired and wireless adapters. DisplayLink hardware and software ensures people can use a simple USB connection to easily add displays to their PC, laptop or netbook.

USB monitor systems are particularly convenient for multi-monitor set ups. Instead of having to carefully disassemble a PC to install a graphics card to drive the additional LCD monitor, users can "plug and display" the monitor via USB and daisy chain two, three or more displays. USB 2.0 docking stations, also known as universal docks, bring the additional advantage of working with all brands and models of laptops, further simplifying deployment, purchasing and inventory.

The DisplayLink USB Graphics Windows Driver v4.6 is available immediately from the company's corporate Web site, at http://www.displaylink.com/downloads, and its MSI installer from http://www.displaylink.com/corporateinstall. The corporate install URL also has a brief, easy-to-follow user guide for IT administrators wishing to deploy DisplayLink's MSI installer.

About DisplayLink
DisplayLink Corp. is a chip and software company that modernizes the antiquated way people connect computers and displays – via USB, Ethernet, or over other standard digital networks. Its innovations make it easy to incrementally expand the desktop visual workspace at significantly lower cost and power than traditional solutions. Using universally accepted wired or wireless networking protocols and proprietary software compression techniques, DisplayLink technology can transmit graphically rich content between a single device and multiple displays over a network. Leading global manufacturers have integrated DisplayLink technology - which was awarded 2008 PC Magazine Technical Excellence Award - into an array of PC accessories including monitors, docking stations, display adapters and projectors. More information is at http://www.displaylink.com.


DisplayLink is a fabless network graphics semiconductor and software company, formed in 2003 to develop and exploit methods of delivering content to multiple flat panel displays from a single computer with the view that this technology could lower the costs of computing and thus make information technology much more widely available in developing countries.

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