PA Consulting delivers miltary radio spectrum demand study for UK MoD


PA Consulting Group, the leading international management, systems and technology consultancy, has completed a seven month study of radio spectrum enabling the MoD to forecast its future demand in terms of military capability needs and how these may evolve over time.

The radio spectrum is a finite resource that is recognised as increasingly valuable, of which the MoD is the UK’s largest single user. Previous studies - the Martin Cave 2002 Review of Radio Spectrum Management, Ofcom’s 2004 Spectrum Framework Review and the Independent Audit of Spectrum Holdings in 2005 - are based around ’market mechanism’ spectrum management, ie the most economically productive use of spectrum based on the ‘opportunity cost’ a commercial user can justify paying.

Forecasting defence spectrum demand is complex and requires significantly different methodology to that used commercially which is based on market demand fuelled by economic prosperity and technology.

The PA study considers the current and proposed use of the radio spectrum, develops an econometric model and identifies options for release and reuse of spectrum balanced against maintenance of military capacity. It also determines the economic value of the spectrum that defence is expected to use from now until 2027.

This study, combined with a separate audit of defence spectrum allocations, provides MOD with the information it needs to manage its spectrum requirements going forward. The results of the study will be used to optimise future spectrum usage whilst minimising costs, and to ensure that the cost of spectrum is incorporated into equipment programmes.

PA secured the study contract on the basis of its combined strengths in wireless technology, military understanding, and business modelling.

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