Bango reports strong growth in revenues


Bango has just published its preliminary results for the year ended 31 March 2009 and reported strong growth in revenues, with revenues up 61.0% between first and second half of FY09.

Several major US customers started their transition from using Premium SMS aggregators to Bango during the year, causing a five fold increase in US revenues.

Ray Anderson, Chief Executive Officer of Bango, commented: ”After a year in which we focused on improving our sales and marketing productivity, we have seen strong growth in revenues. We enter the new year close to break even on a monthly basis, with significantly lowered costs of sale and strong signs that mobile web usage is accelerating. Working with mobile operators, content providers, brands, and other commercial partners and investors, we look forward to increasing shareholder value in the coming years.”

Preliminary Results for year ending 31 March 2009

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Bango helps businesses, brands and individuals launch a ‘mobile web’ presence. Through Bango, they quickly engage with the whole market, selling their mobile content around the world, analyzing visitors to their mobile website and tracking the success of mobile marketing campaigns.


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