Innova launches 'SolidWorks 2010' 3D design package


Leading mechanical design software company Innova Systems has announced the availability of SolidWorks 2010.

SolidWorks is a design software that is used by over one million engineers and designers worldwide and has gained a strong reputation for its ease of use and the quality of design that it enables. This latest version of SolidWorks contains 200 new user-driven features that help designers and engineers work more efficiently and enable them to produce better results.

"In recent years SolidWorks has transformed the performance of a great many businesses," said Mark Bradford, Managing Director of Innova Systems, UK SolidWorks Reseller. "There will be a lot of designers, engineers and business people who will be excited to learn about what SolidWorks 2010 offers and how it can further impact their business performance."
One new aspect of the latest version is SolidWorks SustainabilityXpress. SolidWorks SustainabilityXpress is a function of the software that helps users understand, in real-time, the environmental impact of their product design. The function takes into consideration how and where materials are produced, how parts are manufactured, and how products are used and disposed of. With environmental compliance becoming an important factor throughout the manufacturing sector, SustainabilityXpress is expected to prove an attractive feature of the new SolidWorks version. 
Another new feature of SolidWorks 2010 is the DXF/DWG Property Manager that can export sheet metal files to .dxf or .dwg files, speeding up the creation of files for manufacturing operations. The tool allows designers to confirm and edit what will be contained in the export file so they can quickly remove unwanted items such as bend lines or the edges of countersunk holes.
"One of SolidWorks greatest attributes is that the developers of the software work with, and listen to, real engineers, " said Mark Bradford. "Every aspect of the software is developed to make the design of a product easy, no matter how complex the product. The SolidWorks 2010 version simply builds on this approach."
Innova Systems will be hosting a number of free SolidWorks 2010 launch event in September, October and December. During these events, Innova's expert design engineers will demonstrate how easy it can be to move from a traditional 2D design method to the more modern 3D design approach. They will also be available to discuss the many new features of SolidWorks 2010 and to address technical and other issues relating to engineering design.
"For any design or manufacturing company looking for a competitive edge to help them grow their business, then we would strongly recommend that they come along to this event, " said Mark Bradford. "SolidWorks not only helps you design a better product but also reduces design and development costs, can help eliminate production errors and can even test the design to ensure its correct performance once in the field. SolidWorks can make a big difference."
Innova Systems will also be exhibiting SolidWorks 2010 at the TCT design exhibition to be held in Coventry on the 20th and 21st October 2009.
For engineers and designers wishing to evaluate SolidWorks 2010 or wishing to book a place at the launch, they should contact Innova through their website at or telephone on 01223 200 690.
About Innova Systems
Innova is the leading UK distributor of SolidWorks, an advanced 3D Mechanical CAD system that enables engineers to rapidly develop and refine ideas to create innovative products. By combining SolidWorks with Innova Systems’ expertise, training facilities and commitment to support customers, Innova is helping companies across the UK to significantly change and improve the way new products are created.
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