Successful Complete GC & GC-MS course at The Open University


The 5 day complete GC & GC-MS course held at the Open University gets top grades from its delegates.

Last month's back to back Practical Essentials and GC & GC-MS Clinic training courses held in the Planetary and Space Sciences Research Institute at the Open University in Milton Keynes, UK proved yet again to be a success with delegates attending from as far away as Nigeria and Slovenia!

This 5-day course was deemed to be vital to understanding a gas chromatograph with one delegate stating it was the most useful course she had ever been on. The most enjoyable parts of the course were the practical exercises in troubleshooting chromatograms and the discussions on case studies and working examples when developing methods.
Here is the feedback from some of our delegates:
“I understand better my gas chromatograph! Most interesting topic: Method development/optimisation; most useful topic: maintenance/troubleshooting. Very well presented and the most useful course I have ever been on”. Suzana Senicar, Analytical researcher, Slovenia.
“I found all of the course very interesting. I enjoyed the total hydrocarbon in water analysis which boosted my knowledge, and I feel better fulfilled”. Lab analyst, Nigeria.
“I found the whole course most interesting especially the question section and discussing the various methods. The most interesting topic: GC/MS; most useful topic: troubleshooting”.  Adnan Zulfiqar, PhD. research student.
“The presentation/communication was very good with concise and essential information. The discussions on case studies and working examples were most enjoyable. Most interesting topic: application of practical techniques; most useful topic: difficult/dirty samples”. Simona Nicoara, Research Fellow.

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