New 3D design software takes flight at Duxford


Engineers from across the UK made a recent visit to the Duxford Air Museum to learn about the latest version of SolidWorks, the 3D engineering design software that is used by over one million designers and engineers around the world.

Presented by Cambridge based Innova Systems, the 'Customer Day' gave engineers the chance to preview SolidWorks 2010 and experience the improvements and new features that have been introduced into the latest version.

"For many manufacturing companies, SolidWorks is a critical business tool," said Mark Bradford, Managing Director of Innova Systems. "SolidWorks has proven to be a powerful software package that can not only transform the speed of introducing new products but also greatly enhances quality and reliability. What's more, it is software that is designed with the co-operation and feedback of engineers around the world, to ensure that it meets their needs and is easy to use."

The new SolidWorks 2010 is focused on improving ‘Performance, Reliability and Predictability’. The presentation went on to demonstrate many aspects of these improvements including a new easier installation procedure and a very innovative mouse feature that enables common tools to be accessed at an instant. The ability to simulate a component's performance has also been enhanced to make it easier and faster. It was clear from the presentation that the developers of SolidWorks remain passionate, focused and very much in touch with their user base.

The engineers attending the event were from a diverse range of industries; from car component manufacturers to medical device developers and from inkjet printhead designers to automation experts. The response to the new version of SolidWorks was very positive, with engineers admitting that they do not particularly like change, but that the new improvements look very attractive and that it would be worth the investment of their time and energy to get up to speed with the new features.

"We are very proud of SolidWorks," said Mark Bradford. "This new version demonstrates once again how hard the developers of this software work and how much it contributes to the working lives of engineers and designers. Looking at the number of engineers that have come along to the event and how they responded to the presentations, it's clear to me that SolidWorks is valued very highly within the UK engineering community. It's been a very rewarding event."

One key innovation by SolidWorks has been the introduction of a 'component bank', where engineering companies can put a model of their components so that they are available for other designers and engineers to incorporate them into their design e.g. maybe a caster for use on a shopping trolley or luggage trolley. It is expected that this facility will promote co-operation within the SolidWorks community and provide an additional sales channel for many of the companies that take up this facility.

The event concluded with an impressive demonstration of SolidWorks ability to create an animated model of an automated 'pick and place' machine, demonstrating how easy it can be to experiment with different timings and positions in order to achieve a perfect solution.

In addition, measuring the environmental impact of a new design, proved to be a great success, with the audience appreciating the new tools in SolidWorks 2010. SolidWorks Sustainability can take individual part models and automatically show how "like" materials compare to the original material you selected in terms of environmental impact. This helps you to hone in on the perfect material.

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