RealVNC speeds up support with VNC® Enterprise Edition at Service Desk & IT Support Show


RealVNC, the original inventor and global provider of VNC®, will be showcasing its flagship remote access solution, VNC Enterprise Edition, at the Service Desk & IT Support Show next week.

This secure, high performing and feature rich software is used by IT professionals for a wide range of applications from IT support and remote monitoring to systems maintenance and training. IT helpdesks in some of the world’s largest organisations, government bodies and educational institutions, benefit from reduced system downtime, increased ticket throughput and improved customer satisfaction as a result of VNC.

With VNC Viewer Plus, IT support staff can connect to a VNC Server embedded directly onto supported computers with Intel® Core™ vPro™ technology. This means that complex issues such as OS failures and boot problems can be fixed without a desk-side visit.  With the increasing emphasis on energy savings, the remote power on/off functionality of VNC Viewer Plus means that employees can be encouraged to turn off consoles at the end of each day, saving power without hindering after hours IT maintenance.

In addition, RealVNC will be demonstrating the latest versions of its popular VNC Viewer App for iOS or Android. The App enables users to view and fully interact with a Mac OS X, Windows, Linux or UNIX computer from their smartphone or tablet.  Available from the App Store or Google Play, VNC Viewer is being used by IT professionals to conduct out-of-hours maintenance remotely, minimising
disruption to employees and saving a journey into the office.  The App is also a must have for teleworkers, enabling users to access files and computer content on the move.

Also featured on the stand for the first time will be VNC Helpdesk SDK. RealVNC’s hosted solution is for organisations that want all the benefits of remote support capabilities but with the added security of self-hosting a private cloud service to simplify connection establishment where NATs and firewalls are in the way.

Visit RealVNC on Stand 730 at the Service Desk and IT Support Show


About RealVNC

RealVNC’s software solutions are used by hundreds of millions of people around the world in both desktop and mobile platforms for remote access and control. The technology is used in every sector of industry, commerce, government and education. Founded by the original inventors of VNC, RealVNC is the only organisation able to offer a commercial license to embed VNC remote access capability in third-party products and offerings.

VNC is a registered trademark of RealVNC Ltd. in the U.S. and in other countries.


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RealVNC was founded in 2002 by the original developers of VNC to promote, enhance and commercialize VNC.