Focus on Power: TEM00 goes 800mW

Eagleyard Photonics, a leading supplier of semiconductor laser diodes, has announced the release of a new, high-power laser diode with single mode output.

Eagleyard's latest product innovation comes with the release of a new high power, single mode, Fabry Perot laser diode with a center wavelength of 808nm and a typical spectral linewidth of around 1nm.

With an emitter facet width of just 4μm, the new laser diode emits 800mW of optical power in a TEM00 beam, thus enabling both high power and high brilliance from a single semiconductor laser.  The new laser diode has already completed lifetime performance tests under accelerated conditions (1000mW) and over 750 hours with excellent results. A 1W configuration (also single mode) has additionally completed testing by one of eagleyard's lead customers.

According to Michael Kneier, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at eagleyard, "We have seen a marked increase in customer demand for high brilliance laser diodes. Our new laser diode is designed to address these demands, all without sacrificing beam quality and usability in a high-end optical measurement set-up. We can expect to see even more performance out of this ridge waveguide configuration after thorough testing is completed."


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