Redgate Software plans to offer term time jobs


In an innovative move to recruit new people, Redgate Software is planning to tap into the skills of mothers, stay at home fathers, and others who find it hard to continue their careers in IT because of commitments like child care, by opening up a term time team.


One of the region’s biggest success stories, Redgate makes software used by more than 100,000 companies across the globe, including 91% of companies in the Fortune 100. Founded in Cambridge and still privately owned, the company now employs nearly 300 people, turns over £50 million a year, and has consistently been recognised as one of the best companies to work for.

Despite its track record, Redgate has problems finding and recruiting people to continue its expansion. Like every other technology company in Cambridge and beyond, it’s suffering from the digital skills gap. According to figures released by the European Commission in June 2015, that gap could lead to 825,000 vacancies in the IT sector by 2020.

The Institute of Engineering and Technology agrees. In its latest annual skills survey of the engineering and IT industry, it found that 59% of companies were concerned that a shortage of engineers would be a threat to their business in the UK.

In an unusual move to address the problem, Redgate has come up with a new recruitment initiative. The company is now experimenting by offering potential employees the opportunity to work during term time only.

“We’ve got to be as innovative with our recruitment process as we are with developing our software,” says Helen Joyce, Head of the People Team at Redgate. “We think there are people out there with the skills we need who aren’t being offered the hours they need. Some have had to give up work completely to look after their children, or they’ve taken a lower position that doesn’t match their skills to have some flexibility during school holidays. Others would like a better work-life balance to pursue personal interests like voluntary work.”

The Term Time Team Project, as it's known within the company, is deliberately aimed at people like these who are being hampered in their efforts to continue skilled careers.

“Parents are being held back by their choice to have children,” continues Helen Joyce. “When you have young children in particular, you can find childcare during term time, but school holidays are a nightmare. Other people want the freedom to have more time to follow personal interests, but they still want the security that a normal job offers.”

Redgate is particularly interested in talking to Software Developers, Software Testers, UX Designers, Product Managers, and Product Marketing Managers to join its term time team. With the right mix of skills, the team would build momentum together and build a solid working relationship.

“The way we work suits a term time approach,” explains Helen Joyce. “Our software teams work in cycles of around a fortnight, releasing new features on a regular basis. Planned properly, it means term time people can contribute their skills and pick up their careers again, yet have school holidays at home.”

It will be interesting to see in the future if the initiative works for Redgate – and if other companies in the region who are struggling to find people follow Redgate’s lead.

If you’re interested in working in Redgate’s term-time team, or would like to know more, please email:



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