Watch Skype for Business tops tips on YouTube

1plex writes - After producing the Skype for Business Top Tips news articles, it came to my attention that some people prefer, and indeed learn better from watching instructional videos. I have therefore started to produce a series of instructional videos based on understanding the basics of Skype for Business.


The series will cover the following topics:

How to add a Skype contact to Skype for Business

How to send an IM in Skype for Business

Make and receive calls in Skype for Business

Set up a Skype for Business meeting in Outlook

How to change participant settings for a Skype for Business meeting

Even if you use Skype for Business on a regular basis, I'm sue there are still elements and options that you didn't realise were there. Have a look at the videos and see what you could learn!

Please note that as soon as the videos become available I will update this article with links to the videos.



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