AlgoDynamix detects anomalies in the FTSE 100

AlgoDynamix shows how key market shifts can be detected using deep data analytics and no historical data.


London, September 29, 2015:  AlgoDynamix today released an example of how its ground breaking deep data analytics software can be used to detect impending anomalies in financial markets.

The deep data algorithms detect anomalies in the financial markets and anticipate price movements hours (or days) in advance of the event. Unlike competitive solutions, their real time analysis does not rely on historical data or previous disruptive events.

Since last week AlgoDynamix detected 2 large anomalies resulting in a drop of 4% in the FTSE 100 market.

Dr Jeremy Sosabowski, PhD, CEO of AlgoDynamix said, “This recent example demonstrates our software is very good at detecting certain types of anomalies, and one of the fantastic things about our solution is it can do this on real time data and doesn’t require the building of historical data models. Our solution complements portfolio risk management and margin provisioning giving asset managers a competitive edge”

About AlgoDynamix.

AlgoDynamix provides portfolio risk analytics solutions for asset managers. The company was started in 2013 and incorporated in January 2014. The technology behind our software is based on many years of academic research at the University of Cambridge, where the team met.

They have teams in Cambridge (UK) and London, with our business support situated primarily in London. They are financially backed by institutional investors, our initial client revenues date back to August 2014.


For press enquiries, please contact Jeremy Sosabowski, CEO AlgoDynamix. 


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